Photo/IllutrationA stem that has five four-leaf clovers (Provided by Takatoshi Hada)

  • Photo/Illustraion

BEPPU, Oita Prefecture--If finding a four-leaf clover is said to bring good luck, then Takatoshi Hada may soon be the luckiest man in Japan.

The Beppu resident found a stem here that contains as many as five four-leaf clovers.

Hada, 75, made the lucky discovery when he was searching for four-leaf clovers in Beppu Park in his neighborhood.

Clovers, which are also called “shirotsumekusa” in Japanese, are perennial and usually have three leaves. Only a small number have four leaves, which make them highly searched for as good-luck charms.

Hada had heard that clovers tend to have four leaves if they suffer an impact, such as those that are stepped on, when the leaves are immature.

“I have thought that (when I found four-leaf clovers,) I am lucky. But I feel sorry when I think that this one must have been stepped on many times,” he said.