Photo/IllutrationFans visit Kyoto Animation Co.’s No. 1 studio in Kyoto’s Fushimi Ward on Aug. 2. (Kazushige Kobayashi)

KYOTO--Personal damages resulting from the deadly arson attack on Kyoto Animation Co.'s No. 1 studio will exceed 4 billion yen ($38 million) even after workers' compensation claims are paid, according to the company's lawyer.

Lawyer Daisuke Okeda released the estimate on Aug. 29 for the dead and injured employees and executives from the blaze.

In the attack on July 18, 35 people died and 34 others suffered slight or severe injuries.

Okeda calculated the lost earnings the victims would have received in the future based on the standard damage amount at the time of death or injury due to traffic accidents and other legal precedents.

As a result, he said that there would be a deficit of at least 4 billion yen even if the bereaved families and the injured receive workers’ compensation and benefits for crime victims provided under the law.