Photo/IllutrationA woman tries out Nissan Motor Co.'s self-driving technology to sink a putt on a green set up at company headquarters. (Takehiro Tomoda)

YOKOHAMA--No two putts for anyone.

That's the proud golfing boast of Nissan Motor Co., which has developed the technology to ensure the ball lands in the hole every time, no matter how bad the shot is or what handicap the player has.

While the technology, no doubt, retracts from the skill, and luck, that every serious golfer takes pride in, the novel idea is bound to appeal to many people.

The development is intended to illustrate the automaker's advances in self-driving technology.

Nissan has set up a special putting green at a gallery in its headquarters here until Sept. 1 so consumers can judge for themselves how foolproof the ProPilot 2.0 technology is.

Nissan plans to install the technology in vehicles it manufactures from September that will allow for hands-free driving on expressways based on highly accurate map data to direct the car.

The self-driving technology was adapted to the putting green and uses cameras installed overhead to guide the golf ball into the cup regardless of how hard, or soft, the ball is hit on the 10-meter wide green. Computers calculate the best course for the ball and guide it using wireless instructions.

The ball in effect drives itself into the hole. Even if the ball is weakly hit, the computer accelerates the ball so it reaches and falls into the hole.