HYUGA, Miyazaki Prefecture--One can find almost any fashion item in New York--except maybe these luxury Japanese underpants.

High-end men's underwear produced in this small city of 60,000 people are making their debut during New York Fashion Week, which runs from Sept. 4 to Sept. 11.

Tokyo-based TOOT Ltd.'s products, which have already proven to be popular for their sophisticated design and comfortable cup structure, will be displayed to coincide with the 2020 spring and summer collections.

Most of the company's underpants are sold on its website (https://www.toot.jp/en/index.php), and about 30 percent of its sales come from outside Japan. Many customers are in their 30s through 50s.

The company releases about 200 kinds of underwear annually priced at between 3,000 yen ($28.15) and 5,000 yen.

Since it was established in 2000, TOOT has been producing its items exclusively at its factory in Hyuga, without relying on overseas manufacturers with cheaper labor costs.

The factory, with 50 employees in their 20s through 70s, uses as many as 10 types of sewing machines to make a single pair of underwear. It also takes advantage of the high design capability at its headquarters in the capital.

"I have full confidence in high-quality goods carefully made by skilled workers,” said Keiya Masuno, 37, president of TOOT. “Once you try our products, I believe you will become attached to them."

The company decided to display its products during the fashion week as a first step toward cracking open the North American market on a full scale, with next year marking the 20th anniversary of its foundation.

New York Fashion Week is known as one of the four prominent fashion collections around the world.

A video promoting 100 new TOOT items, such as underpants and T-shirts, will be aired at an art facility near the event's main venue. The products will also be available for visitors there.

Yuta Uemura, 23, who won an international men's contest in spring participated in by 20 countries, is featured in the promo video.

Wearing only underpants, shoes and a cap, Uemura struck poses in a coastal area here while showing off his well-toned body.

"I tried to present the pride of a Hyuga manufacturer through the video shoot with the blue ocean symbolic of Hyuga in the background," Masuno said.

"I'll make live images of our exhibition section in New York available on the company's website, so we can directly appeal to customers."