Passengers evacuate from a train after it collided with a truck at a railway crossing in Yokohama on Sept. 5, while black smoke billows and the crossing’s alarm system goes off. Fruit is scattered around the site where the train derailed. (Video taken by Masahiko Endo and provided by a reader)

More than 30 people were injured and one apparently died after a train collided with a truck and derailed at a railroad crossing in Yokohama's Kanagawa Ward on Sept. 5.

The eight-car limited express train on the Keikyu Line was destined for Misakiguchi Station when it plowed into the truck at the Kanagawa Shinmachi Daiichi railroad crossing around 11:40 a.m.

Several cars derailed and came to a stop tilting to one side.

The 67-year-old truck driver was reported to have been critically injured, according to Kanagawa prefectural police.

The Yokohama municipal government's fire department said the man reported to have died was apparently the truck driver.

However, the train driver only suffered minor injuries.

The accident occurred between Nakakido and Kanagawa-Shinmachi stations, according to train operator Keikyu Corp.

There were reports the truck, which according to sources was hauling about 660 boxes of fruit, was on fire as black smoke was observed billowing around the first car.

Operations between Keikyu-Kawasaki and Kamiooka stations have been suspended in both directions due to the accident.

A 25-year-old woman who works at a nursing school nearby said she heard a loud thudding sound while working on the first floor.

Moments later, a female student who had seen the accident from the school building told staff that “something serious has happened.”

The government’s Japan Transport Safety Board planned to dispatch investigators to the accident scene.

The truck apparently stalled on the crossing, according to a 30-year-old man who was in a van that had stopped in front of the barrier when it came down, signaling the approach of a train.

A device that can detect obstacles, such as a stranded car, and automatically conveys the information to the train driver, was installed at the crossing, which is also equipped with an alarm system, according to sources.