Photo/IllutrationA McDonald’s Japan outlet (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

McDonald’s Japan said it will set uniform prices for eat-in and takeout meals, which will come under different tax rates when the consumption tax is raised to 10 percent in October.

When the sales tax rate is increased, eat-in items will be subject to the 10 percent rate while takeout food will remain taxed at 8 percent.

However, McDonald’s Japan said on Sept. 10 that tax-included prices will be the same in both cases to keep the pricing system simple for customers.

Its stores will continue to display tax-included prices.

About 30 percent of the McDonald’s menu will increase in price from October. For example, the prices of hamburgers, cheeseburgers and Happy Meals will go up by 10 yen ($0.09).

But McDonald’s said it will keep the same prices for the remaining 70 percent of the items, including Big Macs and premium roast coffee.

Food service companies are planning different ways to set their prices with the consumption tax hike.

Two “gyudon” (beef-and-rice bowl) restaurant chains, Matsuya Foods Co. and Sukiya Co., will also set the same prices for eat-in and takeout meals.

However, another gyudon chain, Yoshinoya Co., and Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd. plan to use different tax-included prices for eat-in and takeout items.