A live-action feature film adaptation of the “Hell Girl” anime series will hit cinemas on Nov. 15.

A teaser video and a poster visual featuring model and actress Tina Tamashiro as Ai Enma have been unveiled.

The original “Hell Girl” animated series premiered in 2005. The story centers around Enma, who appears when people who are being tormented send requests to the Hell Correspondence website, which opens at midnight. The Hell Girl can then torment the tormenters--but at a price.

The teaser opens as a girl visits Hell Correspondence at midnight, while another girl with half her face covered in bandages is attacked by eerie hands that burst out of the computer screen when she visits the website.

Later in the promo, Enma holds out a straw doll with a red string bound around it, saying that the deal is made when the string is pulled and delivers her signature line, “Do you want to die once?”

To see the video, visit the official website at (https://gaga.ne.jp/jigokushoujo-movie/).

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