Photo/IllutrationTsukiichi's Omusubi Cakes are in the shape of rice balls wrapped in nori seaweed. (Tomoya Nozaki)

OSAKA--A sweet shop here has put a sugary spin on “onigiri” rice balls, the often-salty snacks that are among Japan’s most popular foods.

Wrapped in nori seaweed, they look so close to rice balls, it's almost impossible to tell that they're cakes.

Tsukiichi, located here, sells Onigiri Cakes online in easy-to-open transparent plastic wrappers, just like rice balls sold at convenience stores. Onigiri is another name for rice balls.

They come in six flavors, including chocolate, “matcha” powdered tea and Earl Grey. In each piece, cream is sandwiched between the sponge cut into triangles, with the whole thing wrapped in crepe dough mixed with black cocoa. They sell for 350 yen ($3.30) each.

“We hope that the unusual cakes would make them a good conversation piece for customers,” said Tsubasa Saito, 32, who created the cakes.