Photo/IllutrationKazuyuki Sugimoto, chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, calls for a system to sort out fake news at a news conference in Tokyo on Sept. 18. (Hiroshi Nakano)

The chairman of the Fair Trade Commission called on leading digital platform providers to create a system to eliminate fake news and discriminatory postings, saying they “need to pay attention to the quality of information they put up."

Kazuyuki Sugimoto, the FTC chief, told a news conference at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo on Sept. 18, “If fake news, along with postings akin to hate speech and information instigating crimes, are disseminated, it obviously will prove detrimental to recipients of such information.”

He stressed the importance of a mechanism to separate providers of unreliable information and those who post quality information.

"There is a need to craft a system in which individuals who deliberately spread misinformation are forced out," he said.

Sugimoto also said there is a role for the FTC to play in dealing with the spread of false information.

"We should consider applying a new framework" to promote market competition, he said.

The FTC drafted guidelines in August stating that platform service providers, including the big four Internet giants known as GAFA--Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon--would be abusing their advantageous position if they use information on users, such as sex, occupation, browsing history and location information, without prior consent, in violation of the Anti-Monopoly Law.