Photo/IllutrationA Samsonite suitcase equipped with Panasonic Corp.’s small transmitter (Provided by Panasonic Corp.)

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There is always a risk of one's valuables being misplaced or stolen while traveling, but these special bags won't get very far without you knowing.

Panasonic Corp. and leading bag maker Samsonite have teamed to market briefcases equipped with transmitters that allow users to locate them via smartphone.

The companies plan to market the special Seekit suitcases in 15 countries, including Japan and China.

The included transmitters are about the size of a postage stamp and as thin as 3 millimeters. They can be attached to a suitcase or bag like a key ring and transmit its location by radio to a smartphone with a dedicated app installed.

When a transmitter-equipped bag is within 30 meters of a user's smartphone, its location can be checked. If the device goes outside the radius, both the smartphone and transmitter will sound an alarm.

The alarm can be turned off manually when luggage is checked in at airports and on other occasions.

The transmitter can also be put in wallets and other items to prevent personal belongings other than luggage from being stolen.

Panasonic is seeking to expand its sales network by collaborating with additional companies.

An Indian subsidiary of Panasonic developed the device following a string of child kidnappings in India, providing parents an easy way to locate their children.

"We'll lead a company-wide innovation based on technology from India," said a Panasonic official.