Photo/IllutrationThe Kagamigawa river in the Tenjincho district of Kochi overflowed on Oct. 3, flooding a parking area. (Takayuki Seino)

KOCHI--Evacuation advisories were issued and cars were swept away after torrential rain swamped the Pacific Ocean side of Shikoku island on Oct. 3.

About 120 millimeters of rain an hour landed on the city of Kochi by 9:10 a.m. on Oct. 3, the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Kochi Local Meteorological Office said.

The agency warned that record-breaking rainfalls could hit Kochi Prefecture as Typhoon No. 18 passes north of Japan.

The Kochi prefectural government said the cities of Kochi and Nankoku issued evacuation advisories to their residents over the dangers of landslides. Kochi later lifted the advisory.

The Kagamigawa river that runs through central Kochi overflowed and inundated a number of cars in a parking area. Some cars were swept away, but officials could not immediately confirm if any people were in the vehicles.