Set against the backdrop of the night view from the observation hall of the Kagawa prefectural government office, the projection mapping show is themed on the Seto Inland Sea. (Ryoji Koko)

TAKAMATSU--The show begins as a ship sets sail from Takamatsu Port and visits Ogijima, Shodoshima and other islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

The imagery ends with a scenery suggestive of Takamatsu in the future. Fish and dolphins swim through the night sky filled with colorful fireworks.

It's a message touting a nautical theme, viewed from 90 meters above the city.

Visitors can see the projection mapping show incorporating the night cityscape in the observatory hall on the 21st floor of the Kagawa prefectural government’s main building, which is normally off limits at night.

“We want visitors to travel to the islands from Takamatsu while they are inside the observatory hall,” a city official said. “We also hope they enjoy wining, dining and shopping as they walk through the actual streets after that.”

The show is organized by the prefectural government and its tourism association to coincide with the fall session of the Setouchi Triennale international art festival, which opened on Sept. 28.

It is aimed at encouraging tourists to spend more and increasing the number of overnight stayers in the prefecture by providing a nighttime attraction for visitors from home and abroad.

It marks the first time that the prefectural government building has been opened for the public at night.

Eight projectors are installed about 2 meters above the floor in the observatory hall to project images on the floor, as well as windows and walls on the north and east sides of the room. Themed on “Spreading a circle, connecting the future,” the 10-minute show is repeatedly projected.

The imagery of the night cityscape is overlaid on the actual scenery seen from the north side of the observatory hall, which commands a view of the Takamatsu Symbol Tower and other landmarks.

The projection mapping show is offered between 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. every night until Nov. 24. Admission is free.