Photo/IllutrationFans look at original manga manuscripts for “Hikaru no Go” at the Niigata Manga Animation Museum in the Yachiyo district of Niigata’s Chuo Ward on Sept. 14. (Yamato Iizuka)

NIIGATA--A special exhibition celebrating the career of the artist behind the popular "Death Note" manga series is being held at a museum in this city's Chuo Ward.

"Takeshi Obata Exhibition: Never Complete" features 500 pieces of original manga manuscript as well as footage showing Obata's drawing process, covering 30 years.

The event at Niigata Manga Animation Museum is hosted by the executive committee comprising the city government and other parties and organized by The Asahi Shimbun and others.

In one section, a room where the artist worked has been re-created, complete with his desk and regularly used tools.

Also, six additional pages have been added to the first 10 of a new one-shot "Death Note" comic, which were featured at the Tokyo round of the exhibition.

Obata received a Tezuka Award recognition for a manga work he sent to a publisher while attending a senior high school in Niigata. He went on to produce many hits in the Weekly Shonen Jump comic anthology, including "Hikaru no Go," "Death Note" and "Bakuman."

"Since the museum opened in 2013, it had been a long-cherished wish to hold an exhibition of his original drawings," said director Fumihiko Sakata.

The exhibition runs until Nov. 10.

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