Photo/Illutration(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)

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post season the piano decorated with chrysanthemums

--Eva Limbach (Saarbrucken, Germany)

* * *

in the evening

cuddling the shape of things--

light of autumn

--Mario Massimo Zontini (Parma, Italy)

* * *

the friendship

we had and lost

passing clouds

--Adjei Agyei-Baah (Accra, Ghana)

* * *

overtime alone

the coffee froth slowly

becomes a ghost

--Hifsa Ashraf (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

* * *

first night alone

waking to urgent whispers

above the trapdoor

--Ingrid Baluchi (North Macedonia)

* * *


the fear of lighting

a candle

--Taofeek Ayeyemi (Lagos, Nigeria)

* * *

Pampas grass

though no ghosts

wave as if there are

--Kiyoshi Fukuzawa (Tokyo)

* * *

first day of school

the handkerchief

she stuck in my waistband

--Elizabeth Crocket (Burlington, Ontario)

* * *

Such humidity!

puddles underfoot

and underarm

--Paul Conneally (Loughborough, U.K.)

* * *

Brexit--a pity

the English gooseberry wine

no more duty-free

--Pitt Buerken (Munster, Germany)





swelled in the darkness

All Saints’ Day

--Goran Gatalica (Zagreb, Croatia)

The haikuist began celebrating All Hallows Day from yesterday at sundown. Richa Sharma shivered wearing a skeleton costume in Ghaziabad, India. Joanne van Helvoort admits she’s “a huge fan of costume festivals, I still love to dress up” in the Netherlands.

Halloween day

the breeze takes away

my ghost drawing

* * *

Costume festival

Dracula’s bride

breastfeeds her baby

When she is with her old friends from Burlington, Ontario, Elizabeth Crocket doesn’t feel as if she’s aged. Frost reached Lakefield, Ontario, before Sue Colpitts’ autumn garden had fully bloomed.

in the eyes

of childhood friends

the old me

* * *

bloom quickly,


frost moon

Elancharan Gunasekaran tried to make sense of the seasons in Singapore.

lost in translation

chrysanthemum throne

and autumn robes

Adjei Agyei-Baah loves to tell ghost stories in Ghana. Franjo Ordanic celebrated with friends in a harvested barley field near Oroslavje, Croatia.

ghost story

the scarecrow vanishes

from the pole

* * *


a farmer and his scarecrow

both tipsy

Marco Fraticelli couldn’t compete with colorful butterflies on a fine autumn morning in Montreal. The insects made a stopover while migrating across the North American continent.

those last monarchs

refusing to leave

my tennis courts

This delightful sketch of Steliana Voicu’s hometown Ploiesti depicts how Romanians who emigrated to search for better jobs in other countries were replaced by foreigners.

grapes of all colours ...

kids playing hide and seek

through the market stalls

Melanie Vance noted winter began today in Dallas, Texas. Hidehito Yasui wore a mask to work in Osaka today.

white chrysanthemums

after the first frost

a recycled silk scarf

* * *

missing the boss

flu spreads in the office

masked faces

An avid online blogger, Ken Sawitri nonetheless laments the lack of traditional paper envelopes arriving at her address in Blora, Indonesia.

old post office

the large canvas bag

empty of letters

Junko Saeki admits that moments when her friends in Tokyo are completely honest with her are the most precious. Lothar M. Kirsch clings to memories made in Meerbusch, Germany.

Japanese pampas grass

full of mischief

calls me an “idiot” for being one

* * *

Lazy afternoon

gardenias’ fragrance still

but a wrinkled dress


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David McMurray has been writing the Asahi Haikuist Network column since April 1995, first for the Asahi Evening News. He is on the editorial board of the Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, columnist for the Haiku International Association, and is editor of Teaching Assistance, a column featuring graduate students in The Language Teacher of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT).

McMurray is professor of intercultural studies at The International University of Kagoshima where he lectures on international haiku. At the Graduate School he supervises students who research haiku. He is a correspondent school teacher of Haiku in English for the Asahi Culture Center in Tokyo.

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