Photo/IllutrationFour metal detectors and four X-ray scanners were installed on Nov. 7 at the entrance of Tokyo DisneySea to screen visitors entering the facility in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture. (Kazutaka Kamizawa)

  • Photo/Illustraion

URAYASU, Chiba Prefecture--Metal detectors and X-ray machines debuted at entrances to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on Nov. 7, as the theme parks tightened security ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Prior to the introduction of the devices, staff had conducted visual checks of visitors’ belongings.

“We'd like to ask the public for their understanding, as we're trying to provide them with a safe and secure environment,” said Naoki Hirooka, a security section manager of the operator of the resort facilities, Oriental Land Co.

On the first day of the new arrangement, Tokyo DisneySea staff called out to visitors to empty their pockets into bags so that the contents could be scanned.

After placing their smartphones and purses into bags for inspection, visitors were screened with metal detectors.