Photo/IllutrationPlastic bottles of water are placed in a restroom for washing hands at Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport on Nov. 6. (Takuya Tanabe)

  • Photo/Illustraion

The water is flowing again at Haneda Airport's Terminal 2 building, though the cause of the abnormality that led to the suspension has yet to be determined.

The water supply was halted on the morning of Nov. 6 at Terminal 1 and 2 for domestic flights after a worker detected salt in water used to wash aircraft, according to Japan Airport Terminal Co., which operates the airport in Tokyo.

Terminal 1's supply was restored around noon the same day.

The supply for Terminal 2 was restored at 1:25 p.m. on Nov. 8 after investigators from Airport Facilities Co., which manages the water supply and drainage at the airport, found no further abnormalities.

General use of water at the terminal was expected to return to normal later that day after air that accumulated in water pipes is removed.

While the water outage did not affect flights, most restaurants in Terminal 2 closed temporarily.

As customers were unable to use restroom water, bottled water was provided next to the sinks for washing hands.