SAPPORO--The 2020 Tokyo Olympic marathons and race walk events will start and end at Odori Park in the city here, the same as the Hokkaido Marathon, under a basic agreement reached on Nov. 18.

The organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics agreed with Hokkaido and Sapporo officials for the starting and ending points for the events, which were moved to Sapporo from Tokyo out of summer heat concerns in the capital.

As for other pending issues, such as the date for the men's marathon, the committee and officials from the Hokkaido and Sapporo city governments will make those decisions at a future session.

At the meeting here on Nov. 18, the three parties agreed that competitors in the men's and women's marathons as well as the men's and women's race walks will start and finish at the park in Sapporo’s Chuo Ward.

That will make it easier to secure the space to consolidate the equipment and devices necessary to stage the events, according to the organizing committee and officials.

Regarding the marathon course, there are several proposals, with some modifications of the route used for the Hokkaido Marathon, which is held annually in August.

The leading proposal centers on competitors making two circuits around central Sapporo and removing a 13-kilometer stretch with few shaded areas used for the Hokkaido race.

But the International Association of Athletics Federations is floating the idea of a course where competitors would circle around eight times or so, according to a source with the organizing committee.

The three parties will consult with the International Olympic Committee and other relevant organizations over the schedule for the marathons and race walks.

Th organizing committee is seeking to gain IOC approval for the course and other details of the events at the IOC Executive Board meeting to be held Dec. 4 after discussing them with local authorities and related entities.