Manga and anime events, the domain of otaku, otherwise known as geeks or nerds obsessed with the art forms, might seem a world apart from the Olympic Games.

But since the sports extravaganza will be held in Japan next year, otaku are being included in an official Tokyo 2020 event in association with the Tokyo Olympics to promote Japan’s geek culture to the world.

The International Otaku Expo Association (IOEA) is hosting the Otaku Summit 2020 on June 27-28 in collaboration with Tokyo’s Toshima Ward.

The IOEA is a non-profit organization formed by otaku-themed expos and events from across the world to promote the worldwide development of otaku culture.

Cooperative members from Japan include Comic Market, a large-scale event devoted to self-published comics and fanzines, and Niconico Chokaigi, an annual festival organized by video-sharing website operator Niconico Douga.

From outside Japan, AniCom (Hong Kong), Anime Friends (Brazil), Otakon (USA), Romics (Italy), Sakura-con (USA) and Salon de Manga (Spain) have joined the IOEA to form the international otaku event network.

The summit provides a forum for otaku enthusiasts to share ideas and get inspired through conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other programs.

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