Passengers soak their feet on the Tsudoi train on Nov. 30. (Jun Ueda)

NAGOYA--A Kintetsu Railway Co. tourist train equipped with wooden footbaths for passengers has started services connecting Nagoya and the Yunoyama Onsen hot spring resort in Mie Prefecture.

The three-car Tsudoi train made its first run on Nov. 30 between Kintetsu Nagoya Station and Yunoyama-onsen Station in Komono, Mie Prefecture.

Kintetsu inaugurated the service last year to mark the 1,300th anniversary of the spa resort.

The wooden footbaths are located in the second car.

“It is an ideal service for train fans who also love onsen,” said a 17-year-old passenger who came from Tokai, Aichi Prefecture, with two of his family members.

The footbath train will make a daily round trip mainly on weekends and holidays through March 22.

The fare for an entire one-way trip is 870 yen ($7.95) for adults, plus an extra charge of 510 yen. To use the footbath, passengers are required to buy a 100-yen ticket on the train.