Photo/IllutrationHirofumi Arai (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

The Tokyo District Court on Dec. 2 sentenced award-winning actor Hirofumi Arai to five years in prison for raping a masseuse, dismissing his argument that she had consented by not resisting strongly enough.

“Although the act was not so violent, it was still vicious,” Presiding Judge Toshifumi Takioka said. “The defendant took advantage of the situation where she was giving him a massage, and it was difficult for her to resist his actions.”

Prosecutors had sought a five-year prison sentence. Arai’s defense lawyers immediately appealed the ruling.

Arai was indicted on charges of forcible sexual intercourse against the masseuse in her 30s who had been dispatched from a massage salon to his home in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward early on July 1, 2018.

Arai pleaded not guilty.

“Our client believed that he had the woman’s consent because she did not resist his act so much,” one of his lawyers said at the trial.

The court rejected the argument, saying, “There was no room for such an assumption.”

The court acknowledged that Arai had called for a masseuse and then raped her using violence by forcibly pulling off the woman’s pants and underwear and touching her genitals.

In 2016, Arai was awarded best supporting actor in the Japan Academy Film Prize for his role in “Hyakuen no Koi” (100 Yen Love).