Photo/IllutrationCarlos Ghosn responds to questions in a pool interview with Japanese media organizations in Beirut on Jan. 10. (Pool)

Carlos Ghosn maintains that not even his family, nor his lawyers in Japan, were aware of his elaborate plans to flee Japan in late December for sanctuary in Lebanon.

The former Nissan Motor Co. chairman met with Japanese media representatives on Jan. 10 in Beirut for a pool interview.

Commenting on his dramatic flight out of Japan on a private jet late in December, Ghosn, 65, said: "When you plan something like this, you have to do it by yourself. No lawyer was aware, no member of the family was aware."

But like his Jan. 8 news conference in Beirut, which marked his first public appearance since his arrest in late 2018 on allegations of financial misconduct, Ghosn refused to go into the details of his departure.

And like that news conference, Ghosn was again highly critical of what he termed the unfair judicial system in Japan.

He mentioned the "hostage justice system" and the "thousands of people in Japan who do not have the privilege that I have because I have a voice and I have money."

He added, "I can do things that other people cannot do."

Ghosn also revealed that he was summoned by Lebanese prosecutors on Jan. 9 and that he agreed to be questioned.

"I trust the Lebanese justice system and I am cooperating with the Lebanese authorities," he said.

He said the Lebanese authorities played by the rules and that he had not received any special favors since his return to the country where he spent much of his youth and is now reunited with his wife Carole.

Noting that Interpol has issued a red notice against himself, Ghosn accepted that he and his wife would not likely be leaving Lebanon anytime soon. But he vowed to fight the red notice so they can leave Lebanon freely at some point.

The Jan. 10 interview was arranged by a public relations company hired by Ghosn. The video and audio for the approximately 30-minute interview were released to other Japanese media organizations.