From the sky over Yokohama, Tokyo Skytree and Mount Tsukubasan appear like something out of a watercolor painting. (Video footage by Rei Kishitsu)

A spring haze blanketed the greater Tokyo metropolitan area on Jan. 12, rendering it difficult to distinguish whether a geological feature beyond the towering Tokyo Skytree was a mountain or an island.

It was a rare sight for mid-January as the day's low in central Tokyo was 2.5 degrees, about one degree higher than an average year.

That gave Mount Tsukubasan in Ibaraki Prefecture and Tokyo Skytree in the foreground viewed aerially from Yokohama to the west of Tokyo the appearance of a scene often depicted in a watercolor painting.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the spring haze should not be considered a special weather phenomenon.

Officials explained it was likely due to the less than clear air caused by a lack of cold temperatures as in average years over the course of several days.