Photo/IllutrationProposed design for a "priority lane" traffic sign board (Provided by the National Police Agency)

  • Photo/Illustraion

With the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics on the horizon, authorities are fine-tuning road signs to ensure that athletes, coaches, VIPs and other key individuals get to and from venues swiftly.

The National Police Agency unveiled proposed traffic signs to be installed on roads and road surfaces on Games-related routes in Tokyo and Chiba's Mihama Ward.

It is the first time new traffic signs are being created for a specific event.

Only vehicles transporting athletes, equipment, food or beverages, Games-related individuals and media will be allowed to use roads with "dedicated lane" signs, on three sections covering about 4.3 kilometers.

Seven "priority lane" sections covering about 19.8 km can be used by all motorists. However, ordinary motorists will be required to give way to vehicles with stickers designating priority status by switching into a normal lane.

The stickers to be issued by the organizing committee for the Tokyo Games or police will be visible on the front and back of vehicles.

The NPA will solicit public input on the signs on its website and through other means between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18.

Under the proposal, "Only" or "Priority" will be added to "Tokyo 2020" for the signs. The signs will be introduced for use between July 1 and Sept. 30.

The organizing committee also plans to adopt pink solid lines for the designated lanes, and pink dashes for priority lanes.

Traffic violators will receive one penalty point and a 6,000 yen ($54) fine for regular vehicles.