Demolition of Kyoto Animation Co.'s No. 1 studio started on a full-scale basis in Kyoto’s Fushimi Ward on Jan. 22. (Takanobu Sasaki)

KYOTO--Kyoto Animation Co. has started demolishing the burned-out shell of its No. 1 studio building in Fushimi Ward here where a deadly arson attack claimed 36 lives in July.

The concrete rooftop was broken down with heavy machinery on Jan. 22.

The demolition work is expected to be finished in late April.

The No. 1 studio is a three-story reinforced concrete building. Dismantling work of the interior has been ongoing since Jan. 7.

A decision has not been made yet on the future use of the site. Some bereaved family members of the victims want a memorial monument erected.

However, the local town association is asking the company not to place a park or monument on the site as it could draw unwanted crowds of people.

“After we discuss it with bereaved family members, local residents and others, we will take the input into consideration and make a decision,” said a lawyer representing Kyoto Animation.