Tsuburaya Productions Co. and Marvel Entertainment LLC are collaborating to publish all-new “Ultraman” stories later this year, although details about the content and the creative team have not been released.

The news was announced during the Tokyo Comic Con 2019 held in Tokyo in late November.

“Ultraman continues to be a worldwide phenomenon, but fans will always remember the groundbreaking thrill and wonder of the first generation of Ultraman that started it all,” the two companies said in a statement. “Marvel will expand that iconic era of the Ultras through the lens of Marvel’s art and storytelling.”

The live-action “Ultraman” TV series premiered in 1966, featuring the gigantic superhero fighting monsters and aliens to protect the Earth. The much-loved series has spawned many sequels and film, manga and anime adaptations.

For more information, visit Tsuburaya’s website at (https://en.tsuburaya-prod.co.jp/) and Marvel’s at (https://www.marvel.com/).

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