Photo/IllutrationSunrise as viewed from the "i-no-watari-yagura" connecting passage at Himeji Castle in the Honmachi district of Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, on Feb. 3, 2019 (Provided by JTB Corp.)

HIMEJI, Hyogo Prefecture--A rare chance is being offered to view sunrise from Himeji Castle, a World Heritage site here that dates to the 14th century.

City authorities are working with leading travel agency JTB Corp. and other entities to offer two-day, overnight tours between Jan. 31 and Feb. 21. There will be eight tour packages in total.

Participants will be able to enter the castle premises early in the morning when it is normally closed and view the rising sun from the main hilltop keep, which is regarded as one of the finest surviving examples of feudal castle-building in Japan.

City officials, encouraged by the response from visitors when the promotional event was held last year for the first time, decided to do it again this year.

Participants will spend the night at a city hotel and leave early the next day to view the sunrise from the castle's "i-no-watari-yagura" roofed passage that offers panoramic views of the city.

They will also have an opportunity to look around the Inui small keep and four other structures designated by the central government as national treasures.

The tour will conclude with a breakfast prepared with local food ingredients in the sprawling Koko-en garden southwest of the castle.

"Many tourists from home and abroad visit Himeji, but our problem lies in the fact that only a small percentage of them stay overnight," said an official. "We hope the tour will encourage more overnight stays."

The tour costs between 15,500 yen ($141) and 25,600 yen per person aged 18 years or older. The fee includes accommodation and breakfast. A 700-yen discount is offered for elementary school pupils and children aged 17 or younger.