Photo/Illutration(C) 2021 Shin Ultraman Production Committee

A new Ultraman set for the big screen next year has finally unveiled its form.

A visual from "Shin Ultraman," a feature film adaptation of the classic live-action superhero TV series, shows the gigantic hero standing at a waterfront town. The title logo for the film was also revealed.

The images were released during the opening ceremony of the Tsuburaya Convention 2019 event hosted by Tsuburaya Productions Co. in December.

"Shin Ultraman" is directed by Shinji Higuchi based on a screenplay by Hideaki Anno, creator of the "Evangelion" anime series, who is also in charge of planning the project. The duo previously worked on the 2016 live-action film "Shin Godzilla."

Anno said in a statement that the design of the new Ultraman is based on an illustration titled "Shinjitsu to Seigi to Bi no Keshin" (Avatar of the truth, justice and beauty) drawn in 1983 by Toru Narita, who served as the de-facto art director for "Ultra Q," "Ultraman," "Ultra Seven" and other installments in the Ultra series. He added that the "color timer," which indicates how much energy Ultraman has left, was removed from the chest to re-create Narita's original intention.

"Shin Ultraman" will hit cinemas in 2021.

The main character who transforms into Ultraman is played by Takumi Saito.

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