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Japanese home cooking

Japanese Home Cooking brings you the best of "omotenashi" flavors and umami--from old-style "dashi" cooking stock, "tamagoyaki" and stews to modern adaptations of Western-style dishes like Italian-style hotpots, pork cutlets and curries. The recipes are created by chefs at famous and local kitchens around Japan, providing a roadmap for Japan's varied and delicious ways of eating. Itadakimasu!

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    WASABI - Japanese flavor

    This page takes a closer look at wasabi (Japanese horseradish), a condiment originating in Japan that has influenced food culture around the world.

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    The page features videos of variety of animals. You can view the videos as interactive images that allows you to pan and zoom in to them.

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    TSUKIJI - Kitchen of the Times

    The Asahi Shimbun has recorded the entire picture of the Tsukiji fish market before its relocation to the Toyosu district, and also introduces a variety of sushi.

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