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Yoichi Funabashi is Columnist and Chief Diplomatic Correspondent of the Asahi Shimbun. He is a contributing editor of Foreign Policy (Washington, D.C.).

He served as correspondent for the Asahi Shimbun in Beijing (1980-81) and Washington (1984-87), and as American General Bureau Chief (1993-97). In 1985 he received the Vaughn-Ueda Prize for his reporting on international affairs. He won the Japan Press Award, known as Japan's "Pulitzer Prize," in 1994 for his columns on foreign policy, and his articles in Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy won the Ishibashi Tanzan Prize in 1992.

His books in English include Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific, ed. (USIP, 2003,); Alliance Tomorrow, ed. (Tokyo Foundation, 2001); Alliance Adrift (Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1998, winner of the Shincho Arts and Sciences Award); Asia-Pacific Fusion: Japan's Role in APEC (Institute for International Economics, 1995, winner of the Mainichi Shimbun Asia Pacific Grand Prix Award); and Managing the Dollar: From the Plaza to the Louvre (1988 winner of the Yoshino Sakuzo Prize); and in Japanese, Globalization Trick (2002); How to Come to Terms with Japan's War Responsibility (2002, ed.); Why not Make English the Second Official Language? (2001); U.S.-Japan Economic Entanglement: The Inside Story (1987); and Neibu: Inside China (1983).

His recent articles and papers in English include: "The world should also have a vote" (International Herald Tribune, 25/03/04), "Koizumi opens a Pandora's box" (Financial Times, 01/07/04), "China is preparing a 'peaceful ascendancy' " (International Herald Tribune, 30/12/04), "Learning from Five Years of Trialogue" (China-Japan-US: Meeting New Challenges, 2002); "Northeast Asia's Strategic Dilemmas" (Assessing the Threats, 2002); "Asia's Digital Challenge" (Survival, Spring 2002); "Japan's Unfinished Success Story" (Japan Quarterly, 2001); "Japan's Moment of Truth" (Survival, Winter 2000-01); "International Perspectives on National Missile Defense: Tokyo's Temperance" (The Washington Quarterly, Summer 2000); "Tokyo's Depression Diplomacy" (Foreign Affairs, November / December 1998); "Thinking Trilaterally" (China-Japan-US: Managing the Trilateral Relationship, 1998); and "Bridging Asia's Economics-Security Gap" (Survival, Winter 1996-97).

He received his B.A. from the University of Tokyo in 1968 and his Ph.D. from Keio University in 1992. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University (1975-76), a visiting Fellow at the Institute for International Economics (1987) and a Donald Keene Fellow at Columbia University (2003).

Academic Positions:
・Visiting Professor, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea (2004- )
・Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan (2003-2004)
・Visiting Professor, Asia-Pacific University, Oita, Japan (2002-2003)

Civic Activities:
・Member, Board of Trustees, ICG (International Crisis Group)
・Member, Trilateral Commission (Asia)
・Member, international trustee, Asia Society
・Board member, Brookings Institution's CNAPS (Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies)

Public Service:
・The Prime Minister's Commission on Japan's Goals in the 21st Century (April 1999-January 2000)
・Member, Government Commission for Reform of the Foreign Ministry (March 2002-March 2003)

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Fax: +81 3 5540 7942
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