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The ancient cities 2000 years before that have been asleep in the seabed, awake!!!

In ancient times, Cleopatra's palace was located in Alexandria. The city prospered into a main port of world trade and religion.

All treasures from undersea will be on display in Japan for the first time.

French underwater archeologist Frank Goddio, who has continued undersea excavation of three ancient cities named Alexandria, Heracleion and Canopus since the 1990’s, will introduce the treasures of his undersea excavations. All 490 artifacts, such as a 5m statue of a pharaoh, Egyptian goddesses with Greek influences, coins, sacred objects, and the daily necessities (such as censers, jars, and tableware) will be shown in Japan for the first time.

The excavations of these ancient cities and the artifacts from the undersea have been captured in an amazing array of images.

This popular exhibition, which has been displayed in various European cities such as Berlin, Paris, and Madrid since 2006, will be part of the wonderful events for Yokohama Port Opening 150th anniversary. It is the greatest discovery of the 20th century of the capital that Cleopatra loved. Don't miss it!