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Share your offbeat stories for a column



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Do you wish to share any of your wacky or offbeat experiences during your trips or activities in Japan? Are you eager to tell others about a "hidden gem" discovered in your travels around the country or even in your neighborhood?

The English-language Asahi Shimbun is inviting non-Japanese students in Japan to write stories about interesting places they have visited or things they have tried. The idea is to provide useful tips for foreign visitors and residents on how to more thoroughly enjoy life in Japan. We are looking for information that may not appear in the usual travel guides.

Selected essays will be used for a new column in the International Herald Tribune/ The Asahi Shimbun. They will also appear on the newspaper's English website or its electronic news services.

The essays should be written in English with a maximum word count of 600. Please include "how-to-get-there" information at the end of the essays. If possible, one or two photos would be appreciated. Please include the name of the photographer for credit purposes.

Selected essays will subject to editing and must follow the basic rules of journalism, including those for libel and plagiarism. Essays sold or offered to other publications will not be accepted.

Authors of published essays will receive a cash gift of 8,000 yen.

Essays and related photos must be sent by e-mail ( Please include your name, address, school name and contact number.




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