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Annual Reports:Report2000
Comprehensive research on "Cooperative Security in Northeast Asia" and "Japan's Role in Asia's Economic Revival"

Cooperative Security in Northeast Asia:

NATO's new strategy and East Asia
Force is no way to bring order (Yoshitaka Sasaki)
Cambodian settlement points to peace(Kiichi Fujiwara)
Japan must urge China, U.S. to agree(Akio Takahara)
Kosovo a test for post-Cold War era(Asaho Mizushima)

Toward the end of developmental dictatorship
New step toward real democracy in East Asia
Improving poor people's lives(Yoshitaka Sasaki)
Japan must plant seeds of democracy(Kiichi Fujiwara)
Change in China, Vietnam(Akio Takahara)
Indonesia must change(Takashi Shiraishi)

Proposal for a security system in the 21st century
Building security in Northeast Asia
Seek for cooperative security organization(Kazuyuki Shimada)
Never return to dependency on nuclear weapons(Kiichi Fujiwara)
Nuclear-free zone in Northeast Asia(Yoshitaka Sasaki)
Theater missile defense threatens arms race(Kiichi Fujiwara)
Security dialogue among U.S., China and Japan(Akio Takahara)
Secrecy undermines Japan, U.S. on defense(Yoshitaka Sasaki)
Helping to steer North Korea toward peace(Kiyoshi Hasaba)
Panel Discussion: Build confidence to establish regional cooperative security(Ryosei Kokubun, Yuji Suzuki, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Tatsujiro Suzuki)
Interviews: William Perry Former/U.S. Secretary of Defense
Interviews: Qien Qichen / Vice Prime Minister of China
Interviews: Hong Soon Young/ Foreign Minister of South Korea
Interviews: Yohei Kono / Foreign Minister of Japan

Japan's Role in Asia's Economic Revival:

Preparations for globalization
Japan should spearhead free trade drive
Bilateral free trade pact with South Korea(Yukifumi Takeuchi)
Multilateral trade negotiations vital to Japan's reform(Fukunari Kimura)
New body to secure financial, currency stability (Eiji Ogawa)
Internationalization of the yen (Eiji Ogawa)
Strategies for dispersion and concentration(Fukunari Kimura)
Japan must lead in Asia's fight against corruption(Noriyuki Wakisaka)
Interview: Supachai Panitchpakdi Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand(Yukifumi Takeuchi)

New JBIC and its role
International aid bank needs to look at goals
JBIC should strengthen independence(Noriyuki Wakisaka)
JBIC should focus on market mechanisms (Fukunari Kimura)
JBIC should cooperate with NGOs(Yukifumi Takeuchi )

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