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Annual Reports:Report2001
Comprehensive research on "Stability and Progress in Northeast Asia" and "New Age of Migration in Asia"

Stability and Progress in Northeast Asia:

South Korea a natural partner for Japanese diplomacy
Cooperative diplomacy is Japan's cornerstone(Yukifumi Takeuchi)
New role as a "middle power"(Yoshihide Soeya)
Easing tensions test Tokyo's atonement(Tadashi Kimiya)
The German lesson(Masaru Honda)
Economic assistance to North Korea(Tadashi Kimiya)
New Japan-South Korea-China framework(Kazuteru Saionji)
IT stage for Japan-South Korea cooperation(Yukifumi Takeuchi)
Moving toward the "Local Era"(Yukifumi Takeuchi)

Focusing on stability and growth in Northeast Asia
Six-party talks seen as key to security(Yukifumi Takeuchi)
Time to set a new "compass"(Masaru Honda)
Security concerns shorten odds on six-party talks(Tadashi Kimiya)
Korean detente signals new security role for Japan(Yoshihide Soeya)
International groups could help Pyongyang reform(Yukifumi Takeuchi)
China facing "globalization"(Kazuteru Saionji)
INTERVIEW - Lee Jong Won Japan lacks "Northern policy"

Outlook for North Korean Economy
Tentative steps toward market economy(Yukifumi Takeuchi)
INTERVIEW - David Morton North Koreans still need food

New Age of Migration in Asia
Time for Japan to open its doors(Takushi Ohno)
Visa sops no plug for IT hole(Masaru Kaneko)
Rich-poor divide fuels flow of expatriate workers(Takushi Ohno)
U.N. role beckons on foreign workers' rights(Fumihiko Yoshida)
Worker migration: East Asia's key trends
Dropping Japan's one-race-nation illusion(Takushi Ohno)
Foreigners may spur pluralist democracy in Japan(Masaru Kaneko)
Policy, not fudging, needed on foreign workers(Isami Takeda)
Overstayers in dire need of aid(Takushi Ohno, Fumihiko Yoshida)
Systems for foreign workers(Isami Takeda)
Facing a future of necessary change(Takushi Ohno)
Residents from abroad slowly gain a voice(Mayumi Ujioka)
Schools could do more for "newcomer" students(Mayumi Ujioka)
Curbing 'globalized' crime(Isami Takeda)
Japanese warming to foreign residents with conditions (Takushi Ohno)
Japan's doors open slowly(Isami Takeda)
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