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Japan Post to base helper pay on merit
The Asahi Shimbun

Looking for ways to motivate workers, Japan Post says it will put its 120,000 part-timers on a performance-based pay system from April.

All the part-timers at offices nationwide will likely be regrouped into three categories with their salaries based on individual performance. Their hourly wages will be set by the postmaster of each post office.

Japan Post submitted the proposal to its labor union on Oct. 27.

Japan Post consulted McDonald's Co. (Japan), which has about 120,000 part-time workers, after one of its human resources executives heard from his child about how efficiently McDonald's manages its part-time workers.

McDonald's told the human resources official that a performance-based payment policy encouraged part-time workers to achieve higher goals.

Currently, Japan Post pays its part-time workers between 700 yen and 900 yen an hour based on their job description and where they work, but not on individual performance.

Under the new system, the total cost to cover part-time workers' wages will likely increase slightly.

``We are now aiming principally at raising their motivation at work. We're positive that the new system will promote managerial efficiency (and reduce costs) in the long run,'' said a Japan Post official.

Under the new payment system, the difference in wage could be as much as 190 yen an hour depending on performance, the official said.(IHT/Asahi: December 4,2003) (12/04)


Herald Tribune/Asahi

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