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Messages from Hiroshima

Japanese version

Satoru Konishi (male)
'Chokubaku'  4.5 km from the hypocenter / 16 years old at the time / current resident of Tokyo

The scenes of the A-bombed city are introduced here. The photographs are not directly connected with the messages. 1.
On the morning of August 7, I set out for Hiroshima. From Koi to Hijiyama Hill, there were empty, burnt ruins. As I walked along in a daze, a cry "Give me water!" struck me in my ears. I saw a swollen face, white and boiled into a soft mass like a cake of tofu, with its eyes, nose, and mouth boiled until they lost their shapes. I have no memory of what I saw after that, nor of where or how I walked that day.
My memory of August 6 is also completely lost except for a few fragments.
The atomic bombs deprived me not only of intelligence and judgment as a human being but also of my sensitivity.
Later I suffered from a radiation disorder called "Bura-Bura Disease" and was deprived of my health and hope for the future.
You can say that I have been robbed of my whole life. The atomic bombs took away that which makes us human. It stole our very humanity.

The atomic bombs brought brutal, tortuous deaths to so many people in a way which had never occurred in the past. The man with a tofu face was one of them. What suffering, what misery he must have experienced.
How is it that such brutal facts are allowed to exist in the world of humanity?
They must never occur in this world again.

We must never repeat this tragedy, this hell of nuclear war.
I would like all the people in the world to see the actual facts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and pass these facts down from generation to generation.
Nuclear weapons are the tools of the Devil. They are weapons of extinction.
We must eliminate nuclear weapons from our world forever.