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Messages from Hiroshima

'Chokubaku' means that the person was exposed to the A-bomb directly in Hiroshima or Nagasaki when the bomb was dropped.

Kunihiko Ida (male)
'Chokubaku'  0.9 km from the hypocenter / 3 years old at the time
The Tremendous Noise and Flash of the Bomb, and the Fear of Being Buried Alive with No One to Help Me Still Cross My Mind.
Yoshiko Yamaguchi (female)
'Chokubaku'  1.2 km from the hypocenter / 13 years old at the time
About the time when we left home after rescuing my father, fires had broken out in the neighborhood and had already spread out. Though I heard voices crying for help, I couldn't do anything but just escape to the nearby river.
Hisako Kimura (female)
'Chokubaku'  1.6 km from the hypocenter / 8 years old at the time
My grandfather's appearance became completely distorted and he was unrecognizable as a human being. While picking out maggots from his body, he was puzzling over why he should be brought near death in such a state.
Yoshiko Okabe (female)
'Chokubaku'  / 15 years old at the time
With the sound of the atomic bomb explosion, we were buried under the rubble of our house. For a moment, I thought my house was the hypocenter of the A-bomb.
Masako Saito (female)
'Chokubaku'  1.7 km from the hypocenter / 15 years old at the time
Everyone we encountered on the way was severely injured - a woman cuddling a dead baby; someone with only half a nose; people who had lost their minds...
Yukie Shono (female)
'Chokubaku'  2 km from the hypocenter / 18 years old at the time
Four or five soldiers had been working topless. The skin on their backs and the soles of their feet had peeled and was hanging off. They stomped on the ground, crying that it hurt.
Chieko Terashima (female)
'Chokubaku'  0.8 km from the hypocenter / 3 years old at the time
I heard that in my younger sister's last moments she blubbered out to her mother, "Pick me up; pick me up." But my mother couldn't fulfill her daughter's last wish because of her own burned, inflamed hands, which had become like grilled eggplants.
Taeko Okamura (female)
'Chokubaku'  1 km from the hypocenter / 19 years old at the time
I rushed to the factory floor and cried out "There are B-29s!" but they all said that the air-raid sirens had stopped and so kept on working. I kept shouting out "Danger!" as I ran out.
Susumu Kamurogi (male)
'Chokubaku'  0.8 km from the hypocenter / 11 years old at the time
Out of my family of eight people, I am the sole survivor of the atomic bombing that was carried out when I was a fifth-grader.
I was deprived of my father by the war, and six members of my family were taken by the atomic bomb; our property, our land, our family members...everything was taken from me.
Futoshi Tanimoto (male)
'Chokubaku'  2 km from the hypocenter / 22 years old at the time
A girl around the age of 2 or 3 years old was staggering barefoot around many people lying on the ground looking for her mother and her skin was hanging down.