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Messages from Hiroshima

'Nyushi hibaku' means that the person was exposed to radiation because he/she entered within 2 kilometers of the hypocenter for rescue activities, relative search, etc. within 2 weeks.

Wataru Sato (male)
'Nyushi hibaku' 
Streets were filled with people, their sex indistinguishable. They were burned black as coal.
Anonymous (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 2 years old at the time
After being exposed to radiation from the atomic bomb, my parents needed to go to the hospital often because of the illnesses they developed. It was difficult for me to not blame them when I was growing up.
Hajime Ikeda (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 17 years old at the time
I was so exhausted from the heat and the stench of burns that I couldn't eat that evening's meal. The clothes I wore that day stank too much to wear again.
G.H (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 14 years old at the time
When I looked underneath me, I realized that I was sitting on some corpses. It was just beyond words, how frightened I was at that moment.
Akira Nishihara (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 17 years old at the time
What shocked me intensely were the charred bodies without a piece of cloth on them. I had never seen such a sight before.
Masahisa Araki (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 12 years old at the time
My 14-year-old elder sister cried and ran away helplessly from the increasing fire. Afterward, she found Grandmother had turned into white bones. She is still regretful, blaming herself for letting Grandmother die without helping her.
Kihei Fujii (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 19 years old at the time
The misery of a man dressed as if he had just returned home from somewhere, sitting beside the lined up corpses of his family members, struck me as the epitome of hell on earth.
Toshifumi Ohashi (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 22 years old at the time
Hiroshima Station was desolate, other than the railroad tracks littered with dead bodies. There were no trains, no other signs of life.
Yoshizo Mizukoda (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 17 years old at the time
Even now 65 years later, a flash like lightning and the roar of the explosion are stuck in my memory.
Taketoshi Kishimoto (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 23 years old at the time
There was a row of people walking with their arms in front of them and the skin hanging down. They were talking with one another. When I asked, people said that they had gotten a direct hit by the A-bomb.