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Messages from Hiroshima

'Nyushi hibaku' means that the person was exposed to radiation because he/she entered within 2 kilometers of the hypocenter for rescue activities, relative search, etc. within 2 weeks.

Mamoru Tanizaki (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 11 years old at the time
I dug up my father's, grandmother's, brother's and sister's bleached white bones. My mother died on August 17, eleven days after radiation exposure.
Koji Mutsuoka (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 16 years old at the time
I still clearly remember my brother's face, which was like a round charcoal briquette, too burned to tell which were his eyes, mouth, nose or ears.
Toyoichi Shiratori (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 17 years old at the time
The hibakusha were burned from head to toe. They could not be touched by anyone, since it would cause such excruciating pain. We tried to feed them rice porridge, but they couldn't even open their mouths.
Akie Matsudomi (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 18 years old at the time
People were buried under the collapsed houses. People were groaning and because they were dying, the sound gradually faded away, never to be heard again.
Hanzo Suzuki (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 19 years old at the time
It was a hellish scene at the school, as the white shirts of students injured by glass fragments stained red with blood and some of the students ran about crying with burns over half their bodies.
Chizue Kaneko (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 28 years old at the time
On a scorching hot summer day, I walked and walked all the way through burned ruins in search of my family members without knowing the direction in which I was moving.
Taeko Nakagawa (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 23 years old at the time
In the Town Hall, I noticed wooden boxes, piled up near the edge of the counter. They contained human ashes. I think there were more than 50 boxes.
Hiroyuki Hiramatsu (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 19 years old at the time
The smell of burning buildings under the blazing sun, the stench of death, and the offensive smell of pus mixed with blood filled my lungs, causing me to feel an unquenchable thirst.
Shigeo Kitao (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 20 years old at the time
When someone grabbed my leg and begged "Soldier, sir, water, please…" and I started to offer some water from my canteen, I heard someone else shout at me "Don't give that person any water or they'll die!"
Katsushi Nakahanada (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 18 years old at the time
While I was taking care of my friend's remains, I started sobbing uncontrollably at the gruesome brutality of it all.