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Messages from Hiroshima

'Nyushi hibaku' means that the person was exposed to radiation because he/she entered within 2 kilometers of the hypocenter for rescue activities, relative search, etc. within 2 weeks.

Masaharu Awatani (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 19 years old at the time
I saw a young American soldier whose hands were tied up with wire that was attached to an electric pole. He was alive then, but when I returned that afternoon, I saw that he had passed away.
Yuichi Kobayashi (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 15 years old at the time
She gasped against my back as she said, "Soldier, please avenge this attack!" Her painful words are still ringing in my ears.
Masaru Hibino (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 19 years old at the time
It was hard work digging by hand, the only tools we had being small shovels, and we couldn't dig too deeply. Moreover, we lacked any means of transporting bodies very far.
Hiroaki Amano (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 13 years old at the time
I found my co-worker and tried to get him up, but my fingers dug into his swollen head.
Hideko Nakaoka (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 16 years old at the time
Children seriously wounded all over their bodies were calling their mothers for water. I could hear them groaning and calling names to each other in soundless voices.
Akiko Takahashi (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 17 years old at the time
I saw a mother with serious burns. She was firmly holding a baby in her arms. "Give my baby some milk..." Her voice was so low that it was barely audible.
Seiko Shinki (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 1 years old at the time
That day when the atomic bomb was dropped, I was in our garden being held in my mother's arms at a distance of 1.2 km from the hypocenter.
Fumiyo Nishida (female)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 17 years old at the time
I once saw a body which seemed to be that of a schoolchild, washed up on the edge of the beach.
Takeshi Nakadaira (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 19 years old at the time
I saw numerous naked A-bomb victims, whose skin, scalded dark red, was virtually in shreds and tatters. They were crammed together and left on the floor, just waiting for death to come.
Kunihiko Yoneima (male)
'Nyushi hibaku'  / 24 years old at the time
At the fateful moment, at 8:15 a.m. on August 6, I saw the atomic cloud from a platform of Matsuyama Station (in Ehime Prefecture).