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Messages from Hiroshima

'Kyugo hibaku' means that the person might have been exposed to radiation while he/she was undertaking relief activities or processing victims.

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Shinichi Uramoto (male)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 24 years old at the time
The body parts exposed to the atomic bomb were wounded, their skin looked as though it was scooped out and was partly blackened. The severe burns were purulent and infested with maggots, and the flies were swarming around.
Tsuyohiko Ito (male)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 18 years old at the time
It was a soft string, about two centimeters thick. The top of it was around the girl's feet. Was her intestine coming out because of the impact of the A-bomb?
Hideko Yoshimune (female)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 23 years old at the time
The baby was nursing at his mother's breast. Her body protected the child against death, but his head was exposed and shards of broken glass were stuck in his face and head.
Yoshimitsu Ikoma (male)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 21 years old at the time
The city was a black burnt plain as far as the eye could see. Women, children, and elderly people were burned. Women especially suffered from keloids. Their skin hung from their faces like old rags.
Chikae Kitamoto (female)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 14 years old at the time
The atomic-bomb exploded when we were on a train, and I remember, we all thrust our heads under the train seats and screamed.
Mikiharu Tonkyo (male)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 12 years old at the time
Scared, I went to my elementary school and there I was asked, 'Is your teacher here? 'by a man whose right arm was missing.
Misa Moriya (female)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 24 years old at the time
The first wave of victims arrived about two hours after the bombing, with their hair bristled and entangled, their clothes, as if sprinkled with oil and then burned, were shredded in pieces, and their burned flesh hung down like strips from their bodies --
Takashi Nakata (male)
'Kyugo hibaku'  / 18 years old at the time
They said babies born within fifteen years would not survive, and indeed, three of mine did pass away. I lost hope in life.
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