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Messages from Nagasaki

Japanese version

Yaeko Noshita (female)
'Chokubaku'  2 km from the hypocenter / 11 years old at the time / current resident of Tokyo

Photographer: Eiichi Matsumoto.
The scenes of the A-bombed city are introduced here. The photographs are not directly connected with the messages.
I experienced the atomic bomb at the age of ten. It was in Nagasaki. It was in Inasa, which is 1.8 to two kilometers from ground zero.

At the bottom of the hill behind Inasa Elementary School was a wooded area. There was a clear stream running through it, about ten centimeters deep. We often played there. After the air raid, many people began to gather there. Some came with their clothing scorched, some were burned and covered in blood, some walked slowly, dragging their feet and crying. They were all like that. Many of the people drank from the stream and died as they drank, lying on their bellies. Some were washing their wounds. I saw from Inasa Bridge so many bloated people floating (dead) in the river.

It was a sight that I will not be able to forget as long as I live.

The man who was to marry my elder sister was working at a naval yard when he experienced the atomic bomb. Right after the blast, he worked desperately to find food for our family and take care of us. He found some cans from a cannery once. Some time later, he died suddenly. My heart ached, thinking that this was because he had worked so hard for us even though he himself was not well.

I want future generations to know how tremendous are the wounds wars cause. People should live in peace and happiness.