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Messages from Nagasaki

Japanese version

Shoji Sato (male)
'Chokubaku'  3.1 km from the hypocenter / 15 years old at the time / current resident of Nagasaki

Photographer: Eiichi Matsumoto.
The scenes of the A-bombed city are introduced here. The photographs are not directly connected with the messages.
War and my A-bomb experience

I was fifteen years old, attending the Communications Official Training Institute of Nagasaki Telegraph Course. I was exposed to the A-bomb at 3.1 km [1.9 miles] distance from the hypocenter.

The Post and Telecommunications Bureau the Communications Official Training Institute of Nagasaki

The Communications Official Training Institute of Nagasaki is a training institute for communication specialists. We listened to Japanese or a western language Morse code and transcribed it to proper words or sentences. After one year of training, trainees become communication specialists upon graduation. They were each transferred to post offices around Nagasaki. Since this institute was a special institution, trainees were exempted from the school student mobilization in which students had to work at military factories around Nagasaki.

Address of the Communications Official Training Institute of Nagasaki: Koujiya-machi, Nagasaki (3.1 km [1.9 miles] from the hypocenter).

School building: Three story wooden building. The first floor was used as the office and auditorium, the second floor was classrooms, and the third floor was machinery storage.

20th year of the Showa era (1945)
The war had intensified this year, and every day -- night and day -- there were air raids by B-24 bombers; there was hardly any time to study. Whenever the air raid warning sounded, we escaped into an air raid shelter that we had made: we dug a hole in our school grounds and built wooden roofs over it; we then piled up clay to cover the roofs.