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For Those Who Pray for Peace
Doughnut Cloud, Mushroom Cloud

Fumiko Nakamura (maiden name, Nakamura)
1st Graduating Class of Hiroshima Jogakuin College of Economics
Residing in Mishima City, Shizuoka prefecture

 After completing a year at Kobe Jogakuin College of Economics, my father got transferred to Hiroshima, and I moved with him. I entered Hiroshima Jogakuin College of Economics and was working at the administration office. Fortunately, I took a day off on August 6 and was at home in the Jigozen Village, which saved me from becoming a victim of to the atomic bomb.

 I was in the kitchen sipping some tea when a flickering light shone into the house, followed by a powerful blast. I rushed out of the house and saw a huge doughnut cloud in the sky. A pillar of smoke, that rose from the ground reached the cloud and became the shape of a mushroom. At night I looked across the inland sea and saw the whole city of Hiroshima burning.

 Truckloads of victims were brought to Jigozen village, but by the time they arrived half of them were dead. Everyone had terrible boils and their faces were burned. One man told me that while he was cutting the weeds in the rice paddies, the water that he stood in bubbled up with the flash, and the uncovered parts of his body got burned.

 Classes resumed in September at the humble sheds sheds built in Ushita.
There were 17 students in the School of Economics.

 For two years, until I graduated, I walked all the way to school from Hiroshima Station, which took me about 50 minutes each way. I remember seeing orphans of war living in the brick building of Hiroshima Station. We had our graduation ceremony in a shed that also served as a chapel. I remember some American soldiers giving us a ride back to the station in their jeep after the graduation ceremony.
 I moved to Tokyo the following October to get married and haven't returned since. I get sentimental when I think of Hiroshima. I remember many teachers (Principal Matsumoto, Vice Principal Isao Matsushita, Mr. Toru Ingu, Mr. Kokuson Nagakura, and Ms. Mary McMilan) and above all, I remember the story that the school principal Matsumoto once told me.

Principal Matsumoto's Story
 We were in chapel when the 3-story building collapsed on top of us.
The teachers who happened to be standing near the windows were able to escape, but I could not help the students who were screaming and were trapped inside the rubble. My wife and some other people were gathered at the riverside and were praying in a circle, when suddenly there was a tornado. The tornado scooped the members of the circle high up in the sky, right in front of my eyes. They were never found again.

…79 years old