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"Grandpa! Your leg! What happened?"

I wanted to walk straight forward!

In June of the next year, my family was so busy. The rainy season in early summer is busiest for most farmers. It is a lively and happy season, too. We water the field and plant rice. The work is heavy and hard. I had not recovered from the hardship of the winter. Memories of snowy mornings kept haunting me. I was watching my family working in the paddy field, and saw some leeches sticking to somebody's leg and sucking blood. I thought that leeches might ease my pain if they sucked my tainted blood from the keloid scar on my foot. I hated the thought of repeating the pain of the winter.

I caught some leeches and brought them back home. On the veranda, not knowing that my parents were aware of what I was doing, I secretly put some leeches on the keloid and hoped that all the contaminated blood would be sucked out. It did not go very well, but some leeches sucked some blood, got swollen and fell on the ground. How childish I was to try such a thing! However, I thought it was the best I could do.

While writing this, I sometimes get so tired, and I sigh. How did my parents feel when they saw me walking so oddly, almost rolling over, on the snow on my way to school? They must have felt even more pain than I did. It was too hard for me to think that way; therefore I remained a very difficult child. I might not have survived until today, if they had said, "All right. We understand. If it's that hard to go to school, you don't have to."