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"Grandpa! Your leg! What happened?"

First surgery operation

I learned how much my parents loved me in August, when they borrowed a lot of money from relatives and paid for my first operation. Nagasaki University's Medical Faculty was not yet restored from the serious damage done by the atomic bomb. An elementary school building was used as the university hospital, where I received the operation. Dr. Shirabe, a famous surgeon of the university hospital, operated on me.

On that day, both my parents took a day off to encourage and look after me.

"Doctor, will I be able to walk straight forward?"

"Yes, you will."

How often had I dreamed of walking straight ahead!

Then I would be taking part in excursions, athletic meets and everything at school. Then I wouldn't be picked on so often. These dreams helped me to endure the pain. Dr. Shirabe removed some skin from my thigh and grafted it on my scarred foot. He did what he could. However, the result was far from a complete recovery. I had to learn how na?ve I had been. One operation or two can never cure such a serious wound. The atomic bomb! It was more terrible than anything else. I detest it most.