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"Grandpa! Your leg! What happened?"

Message to my father

    Takae Hirayama (daughter)

I often dreamed about my mother. I always wanted to see her. I wondered why she did not have custody of us. I hoped she would come back to take me with her someday. When you were out, I and my little sister spent lonely nights crying. I sometimes wondered if you loved me at all.

I grew older and gave up about my mother coming back. Then I started to hate you. I thought you had been responsible for the divorce. I hated to see you drunk and asleep, so helplessly and untidily. There can be a lot of explanations why I was delinquent; I just wanted to stay away from you. That was 13 years ago.

Now I read your book and recall how I was when I was much younger.

The night before my wedding, I knew that you were drinking beside me with tears. I could not say "thank you" or "good bye" to you, but in my heart I was saying thank you to you, for raising me. I was also weeping. It was hard for me not to let you know that I was also crying.

The day my daughter Risa was born, you looked uneasy at the hospital. I was sorry for you, but I felt easier because my mother was there.

I remember what you taught us:

"Try not to bother others."

"Don't get poor in heart even when you have no money."

"Parents should remain nice and kind to each other if they don't want their children to become delinquent."

Tears fell from my eyes while I read your book. I learned for the first time how deeply you loved us.

You were not what I had thought you were. I did not know that you had such motivation and energy.

I am now in the middle of my struggle to raise three children. I cannot read your book without tears. I will never forget the tears.

Daddy, live a long life and keep working for many others.