The Asahi Prize

The Asahi Prize was established in 1929 to honor individuals and groups that have made outstanding accomplishments in the fields of academics and arts, and have greatly contributed to the development and progress of Japanese culture and society at large.

The Asahi Shimbun Company is pleased to annouce the recipients of the Asahi Prize for fiscal 2013 as listed below.

The Prize is regarded as one of the most prestigious prizes awarded by a nongovernmental entity. Many recipients of the Asahi Prize have later been honored with a Nobel Prize or the Order of Culture decoration. A total of 450 individuals and 27 groups have received the Prize since its inception (as of fiscal 2013).

Asahi Prize recipients

[ Fiscal 2013 ]

Takarazuka Revue Company
For Takarazuka Revue's 100-year-long contribution to Japan's performing arts

Tatsuya Nakadai, actor
For long years of activities as an actor and contribution to the theater and movie worlds through nurturing of junior fellows

Kenji Kosaka, director, Medical Care Court Clinic:
For discovering dementia with Lewy bodies

Kazutoshi Mori, professor, Kyoto University
For the elucidation of the endoplasmic reticulum stress response

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[ Fiscal 2012 ]

Juro Kara, playwright
For creating illusionary dramas and producing unique stage performances in outdoor tents

Hiroyuki Matsunami, professor emeritus, Kyoto University
For conducting pioneering studies on silicon carbide used in power semiconductors

Nobuo Kamiya, professor, Osaka City University
Kenjin Shin, professor, Okayama University

For clarifying the molecular structure of oxygen-evolving center of Photosystem II

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