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The Asahi Shimbun’s Publications Division publishes magazines backed with tradition and history, such as the “Shukan Asahi” and the “Asahi Camera” that were launched over 80 years ago. The Asahi Shimbun also publishes a variety of regular periodicals, including “AERA” and “Ronza.” Recent additions include “AERA English” and “AERA with Kids” that evolved out of our popular “AERA” magazine, and “WORLD Soccer KING.” In 2007, the company also began issuing a women’s interest magazine called “AERA for Women FIORE” and a magazine for the very young called “AERA with Baby.” It is hoped that these will also grow into regular publications in the future.

The Asahi Shimbun also publishes a wide range of regular books covering many genres. The company puts out close to 100 titles a year. A few Asahi Sensho and Asahi Bunko titles appear each month. In 2006, The Asahi Shimbun launched its newest “Asahi Shinsho” paperback series, with five new titles coming out every month. Already the Asahi Shinsho has managed to score a best seller that has sold more than 100,000 copies.

There are a lot of weekly collectible miniseries magazines called “Part Works” on display at bookstores. This popular magazine style actually began with our “Shukan Asahi Hyakka” series. Recently, our Publications Division has been issuing miniseries with titles called “Ningen Kokuho,” “Bukkyo Shinhakken” and “Shakapon.” In the autumn of 2007, new titles such as “Sekai no Shaso kara,” which spotlights travel, and “Ouchi Reshipi,” which is filled with recipes for the home cook, will be launched.

The Publications Division has its own Website, “OPENDOORS,” which offers information on various publications such as magazines and books. A wide range of businesses have sprung up using the media content at the Asahi Shimbun Publications Division.

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