Juvenile polka-dot ribbonfish and oarfish float in waters near the surface off Osezaki point of Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, on Dec. 21. (Provided by Kazushige Horiguchi)

NUMAZU, Shizuoka Prefecture--Although mature specimens are rarely seen, the young of two rare deep-sea fish species were spotted floating in waters off the coast here on Dec. 21.

Photographer Kazushige Horiguchi captured video of juvenile oarfish and polka-dot ribbonfish, which measured 5 centimeters and 8 cm, respectively.

Horiguchi, 33, of Nishi-Izu in the prefecture, encountered and shot video of the two creatures when he dived in the sea off Osezaki point in the city.

As mature oarfish and polka-dot ribbonfish inhabit deep ocean waters, it is rare for humans to catch a glimpse of them.

Although their young are believed to remain in waters near the surface for a time right after hatching, feeding on plankton, details of their life cycle largely are unknown.

According to a Japanese legend, the oarfish is a messenger from the sea god's palace and its appearance foretells either a great catch--or an earthquake.