Photo/Illutration The renovated main observation deck on Tokyo Tower has larger windows. (Ananda Kokumai)

Tokyo Tower reopened on Sept. 26 after the largest renovation in its 60-year history created much broader views of the capital from the 333-meter-tall landmark.

Construction work on the 150-meter-high main observation deck and the Foot Town commercial facility at the base of the tower started in September 2017 and was completed this month.

The operating company of the tower replaced all 1-meter-high, 74-centimeter-wide windows in the main deck with ones that are a maximum 2.1 meters high and 1 meter wide.

The renovation will give visitors wider, unobstructed views of the Tokyo cityscape.

A multipurpose space was also set up in the main observation deck.

The operating company’s employees who formed an entertainment group called Glow of Tokyo will hold regular performances in the deck. Tea ceremonies will also be held there.

“The observation deck is filled with dynamic views and entertainment elements,” Shin Maeda, president of Tokyo Tower Co., said at a news conference on Sept. 25. “I want every visitor to enjoy the new tower.”

A gallery that introduces the tower’s history was newly installed in the Foot Town facility.

Admission fees have increased. For adults, the cost to enter the main deck is 1,200 yen ($11), up by 300 yen. The fee is 700 yen for elementary and junior high school students, and 500 yen for children 4 years old and older.

The fee for a Top Deck Tour, 250 meters above the ground, increased to 3,000 yen for adults. The price is 2,800 yen if reservations are made.

For more information, call the tower at 03-3433-5111.